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Written By Andi Setiapermana on Saturday, February 11, 2012 | 7:28 PM

Alif (Gazza Zubizareta) is a simple boy who has just graduated from high school in Maninjau. Together with his friend Randai (Sakurta Ginting), Alif want to continue high school in the city and then go to the his college dream, ITB.

But dream is a dream when his mother (Lulu Tobing) want Alif to get school at Pondok Madani, a boarding school at the corner of Ponorogo, East Java. Although at first time he did not want to, but Alif finally follow what his parents want.

When Alif arrive at pondok Madani with his father (David Chalik), the more his heart broken. The place is really more 'tacky' and similar to prisons in his eyes. Coupled with the necessity backward classes a year for adaptation. Alif steeled himself to try to study at least the first year in this Pondok Madani.

Initially, Alif more often alone. However, over time, Alif start having friends with his room mates, namely Baso (Billy Sandy) from Gowa, Atang (Rizky Ramdani) from Bandung, Said (Ernest Samudra) from Surabaya, Raja (Jiofani Lubis) from Medan, and Dulmajid (Aris Putra) from Madura. They always gather at mosque minarets and called themselves Sahibul Minarets, aka the owners of the minarets.

The atmosphere is become warmer in the first grade, when Alif were surprised by shouts excitedly from Ustad Salman (Donny Alamsyah): Man Jadda Wajada! That is, Who earnest would succeed. This "Mantra" is the one who adds to the spirit and tenacity of the sixth child.

The sahibul minarets always has visionary thought and dream big. They each have the ambition to conquer the world. From the land of Indonesia, America, Europe, Asia to Africa. Under the Madani Minarets, they pledged and determined to conquer the world and achieve goals; And a great man who could be useful for many people.

Genre: Drama
Writer: Salman Aristo
Producer: Aoura Lovenson Chandra,Dinna Jasanti,Salma Aristo
Director: Affandi Abdul Rachman
Production Co: KG Production and Million Pictures
Cast: Donny Alamsyah, Lulu Tobing, Ikang Fawzi, David Chalik, Andhika Pratama
Release Date: March 01, 2012

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