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MOVIE TRAILER : TEST PACK - You Are My Baby (2012)

Written By Andi Setiapermana on Saturday, September 8, 2012 | 12:44 AM

MOVIE TRAILER : TEST PACK - You Are My Baby (2012)
Rahmat (Reza Rahadian) and Tata (Acha Septriasa) are middle-class couples. Rahmat, a psychologist and Tata worked at an advertising company. They've been married for seven years but still have no children. Tata desire to have a child, greater than Rahmat as Rahmat thought that they were both are enough.Tata feel the presence of a child is mandatory.

Shinta (Renata Kusmanto) a famous world super model from Indonesia. Reputation, image and professionalism are very high. Not many know that Shinta recently divorced from her husband, Heru (Dwi Sasono) because Shinta is diagnosed can not give children. Heartbreak and loneliness, Shinta tried to hold it with a flurry of modeling and a new home. At the same time she remembered the previous ex-boyfriend left behind, Rahmat.
Renata Kusmanto

Rahmat and Tata went to the doctor Peni (Oon Project Pop). Tata began unstable due to the injection of fertility hormone. Dr Peni just realized that there is one step invitro procedure that is not intentionally overlooked, Rahmat sperm fertility tests, and found results that Rahmat infertile. 

Rahmat hide the results of the test from Tata. Rahmat, who broke his heart due to can not makes his wife happy, confused to find a friend who can share this secret. Shinta have same problem with Rahmat. Rahmat told to Shinta. Tata found the secret of Rahmat infertility.

Though angry, Tata still confused about how she should behave. Tata getting out of hand when she found that Rahmat spent time with Shinta. Rahmat said that his lack may not be able to feel by Tata. 

Tata decided to divorce and received a job offer from abroad. Shinta see Rahmat devastated, trying to get into the life of Rahmat. Shinta tried to convince Rahmat that they were a perfect match because they have the same fate. Rahmat that slowly began to enter into Shinta's life , was still wavering between accepting his destiny as an infertile man by surrender or pursuing Tata. 

Rahmat finally decided to pursue Tata. FromTata's friend, Rahmat knows that Tata was on his way to the airport. Rahmat catch up to the airport and found that the plane had left. Rahmat heart was crushed.

TEST PACK - You Are My Baby
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Writer: Adhitya Mulya, Ninit Yunita
Producer: Chand Parwez Servia, Fiaz Servia
Director: Monty Tiwa Production
Co: PT. Kharisma Starvision Plus
Cast: Reza Rahadian, Acha Septriasa, Renata Kusmanto, Meriam Bellina, Jaja Mihardja, Oon Project Pop, Uli Herdinansyah
Release Date: September 6, 2012

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